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Asset Strategies International is an industry leading full service tangible asset dealer specializing in precious metals, foreign currency and rare tangible assets.

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Asset Strategies International

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Free Gold and Silver Storage

Investing Offshore in the Cayman Islands

Strategic Wealth Preservation specializes in the secure storage and acquisition of precious metals for investors who are seeking a premier offshore storage solution located in the Western Hemisphere.

SWP is a new purpose-built precious metals storage facility located in the Cayman Islands and is considered to be one of the premier precious metals storage facilities in the world. Independently owned and privately operated, SWP is the best and closest offshore storage option for North American investors seeking to internationalize their hard assets. They are also an approved storage facility for self-directed precious metal IRAs.

SWP provides clients with fully allocated, segregated and insured secure storage of their physical gold and other precious metals. Clients retain direct and complete legal ownership of their precious metal holdings while they are in the facility.


Why the Cayman Islands?

Tax and Tariff Free
Financial Center
Politically Stable & Modern Jurisdiction

The country is located within a half-day's travel of urban centers in North, South and Central America. Major airlines including U.S. Airways, American Airlines and British Airways provide daily flights arriving at the Owen Roberts International Airport in Georgetown. The airport is located less than one kilometer from the SWP facility.

As a privately operated storage facility, SWP does not have any wealth-reporting requirements to the Cayman or any foreign governments.

There is no direct taxation of any kind, nor has there ever been, in Cayman’s history. No income tax, no sales tax, no capital gains, no inheritance tax, etc. Precious metals are not subject to tariffs upon entry or exit of the country, nor is the purchase or storage of precious metals in the Cayman Islands subject to value added tax (VATs).

The Cayman Islands are the fifth largest financial center in the world. The financial industry is Cayman’s lifeblood and, as such, economic freedom is understood by both its government and its people to be essential for their mutual prosperity. In choosing Cayman as the site for SWP, the best possible jurisdiction was selected in the western hemisphere in which to store your wealth.

As a British Overseas territory, the Cayman Islands enjoy stable, modern political and legal systems, which are fully backed by the laws and military strength of the United Kingdom. The islands also boast a first-world level of infrastructure and services.

The Cayman Islands are not part of any global disputes and adheres to a policy of neutrality on the world stage.


3 Steps to Storing with SWP

Open Your Storage Account

Complete and return the account application form. Once received, a personalized storage agreement will be prepared and send to you.

Purchase Your Precious Metals

Asset Strategies International is an SWP approved dealer so you can buy and sell precious metals within the vault.

Store Your Metals

SWP is able to accept and store existing precious metals you are currently storing at home or at another depository.

IRAs Through SWP

SWP is one of the only approved offshore IRA precious metal depositories in the world, and is the closest to the U.S. market. They have partnered with New Direction IRA to offer American investors the opportunity to purchase and store precious metals held in their self-directed IRA in the Cayman Islands. Benefit from all the advantages of holding precious metals in your self-directed IRA and the peace of mind that comes with storing your assets in the best and safest offshore jurisdiction in the Western Hemisphere.

Storage rates for IRA metals are competitive with U.S. domestic rates and SWP offers all the advantages of storing your assets in the best and safest offshore jurisdiction in the Western Hemisphere. Simply elect SWP as your depository when completing your Buy Direction Letter.


SecurityInsuranceStorage and FeesAuditingTesting of MetalsDelivery of Your MetalsHow to Sell Your Metals

SWP is housed within the impressive complex of Cayman Technology Centre (CTC), a brand new, purpose-built, energy efficient space that has won awards for its innovation, sustainability, and energy saving design. The CTC’s primary energy source is solar power. And for added convenience, there are back-up batteries and a generator to provide uninterrupted power to the building in case of severe weather conditions.

CTC is also home to one of the largest and most respected security companies in the Caribbean, adding to the state-of-the-art security system and providing customers with one of the safest and most flexible storage locations in the world.

SWP Building F

All metals held in Secure Segregated Storage accounts are fully insured up to their replacement value under the terms of SWP's comprehensive insurance policy, which is underwritten by Lloyd’s of London.

Metals in safe deposit boxes are automatically insured up to $50,000 USD. Additional insurance can be purchased up to a maximum of $500,000 USD per box at a cost of $25 USD per $10,000 USD of liability protection.

A copy of the insurance policy is available upon request.


SWP is able to accept and store existing precious metals you are currently storing at home or at another depository.

With their global logistics partners, they can arrange a fully insured shipment of your metals to the facility on your behalf. Smaller shipments (valued less than $100,000), will be shipped overnight by fully-insured courier. Larger shipments (above $100,000) are generally shipped by armored courier.

Alternatively, delivery can be accomplished by hand carrying the metals to the Cayman Islands by flight or cruise ship. It is completely legal to import precious metals to the Cayman Islands and no tariffs apply upon entry. We do recommend that you declare the full value of the metals you are carrying on your declaration form based on the current spot price.

You can pay your storage fees on a quarterly basis and enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes with storing your assets with SWP.

You will receive regular monthly inventory statements and an independent annual audit statement from Bureau Veritas - Inspectorate. Storage fees for safe deposit box rentals are billed annually in advance.

All Secure Segregated Storage accounts are subject to an annual independent audit performed by Bureau Veritas - Inspectorate. You will receive a copy of the audit statement. Safe deposit boxes are not subject to an audit.

SWP has the ability to authenticate all precious metals in the vault using industry leading testing equipment.

You have the ability to withdraw your metals upon 24 hours’ notice. Simply call or email SWP to request the withdrawal.

The metals can either be picked up from the facility during regular business hours or a fully insured delivery to your address on file can be arranged.

You can sell your metals to any of the bullion dealers operating within the SWP vault. This creates an extremely liquid two-way market.

Settlement from the sale generally occurs within 48-72 hours and the proceeds are remitted to you directly by the dealer.


Benefits of Using SWP Cayman

100% allocated
100% segregated
Class 3 vault
Accepts pre-owned metals
Visitations allowed
Location disclosed

Quick withdrawals
Robust security
Reputable dealer partners
Competitive rates
Non-financial institution
Non-U.S. jurisdiction

Completely confidential
Direct ownership
Comprehensive insurance
No minimums
Safe deposit boxes
IRA approved facility

*Must open a precious metals storage account with Strategic Wealth Preservation and make a purchase by December 31, 2018, to receive either one year of free storage or a free safe deposit for a year, plus five (5) free 1-ounce silver American Eagles. Limited to either one year of free storage or a free safe deposit box for one year. Minimum purchase of 1 ounce of gold or 100 ounces of silver. Offer available for new customers only.

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