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What are Rare Strategic Metals?

Rare Strategic Metals are vital to 95% of the manufacturing of established products today, and to the emerging technologies of tomorrow.

Few think about how different our lives would be without them. Imagine a world without modern land, sea and air transportation, computers, cell phones, iPods, LCD monitors, surgical lasers, jet engines, cosmetics, medicines, ointments and creams, even the clothing you are currently wearing.

The world has seen a dramatic increase in the use of rare strategic metals in modern, leading edge technology over the past decade. Industrial demand continues to exceed the metal production, inevitably causing a further hike in metal prices overall. The recently increased demand has strained supply, and there is a growing concern that the world may soon be faced with a shortage of the materials.

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With the help of professionals, you will select a variety of metals to create a well-rounded portfolio of various rare and strategic metals. We focus on offering commonly used, but scarce, rare and strategic metals which are purchased individually by experts to build your own portfolio.

This program simply allows you to capitalize on the looming shortages, declining supply and increasing demand of these rare metals.

Why can’t I simply buy these metals on my own?

Before 2009, the main barrier to entry was cost: buying these metals would require hundreds of thousands of dollars, signing a regular purchase contract, finding a reputable source, paying shipping, assay, packaging and storage fees, and dealing with customs duties and/or import and export taxes.

Our solution takes care of all those hurdles, streamlines the process, and provides an individualized approach to building your Rare Strategic Metal portfolio.

ASI assists in the acquisition, shipping, and storage of these metals. We give our clients the opportunity to convert their devaluing cash into the physical ownership of the most globally sought after rare strategic metals.

The metals are stored privately in ultra-secure vaults in the tax-free zone outside Zurich, Switzerland. The vault itself is administered by Swiss customs officials, separate from the Swiss government and inside a tax-free, VAT-free, duty-free zone you are able to visit at any time.

Your metals will be 100% allocated, insured and segregated.

To ensure stability, the prices are primarily determined by supply and demand factors, and costs such as packing, shipping, insurance, handling and tariffs from the mines to the vaults in Switzerland. The stated program minimum is $25,000, and average portfolios comprise three to five metals totaling between $75,000-$150,000. Naturally, different metals vary in price, but also vary in terms of the industry-standard lot sizes.

Call us at 800-831-0007 for pricing and to discuss your specific situation in more detail.

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Liquidation Process

  1. If there is an opportunity to capture profits, ASI will contact you and present you with an offer. If you simply wish to liquidate your holdings, contact us.
  2. Fill out and sign a Re-Sale Form and send back to ASI.
  3. A final sell price will be agreed upon.
  4. Mail your Certificate (proof of ownership) back to ASI.
  5. Receive your profits/funds in any currency or bank account worldwide.

The liquidation process can take 2-5 weeks based on circumstances and the market. Contact us at 800-831-0007 for more details!

Featured Metal | Nickel

Nickel 200

Used in:

  • Cell phones
  • Medical equipment
  • Rechargeable batteries

U.S. engine maker Pratt and Whitney's demand for Nickel is set to more than double in the next 5 years, pushing the manufacturer to find new ways to lock-in at the current low price. With demand increasing in the coming years, now is the time to add Nickel before prices rise!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would someone want to own rare strategic metals?

Diversification in your portfolio is key. While Rare Strategic Metals perform many of the same functions as gold and silver for your portfolio, they are used in many more applications and products; everything from air travel, to medicine, to military armaments uses these metals. 95% of all items produced today require these metals.

They are also a defensive position for your portfolio. Since they are critical to modern life and any future advancements humans make, they insulate yourself from inflation and volatility in many other markets. The threshold for being a ‘rare’ metal is less than 20,000 tons of production per year; many of these metals have less than 1,000 tons of production per year, and are byproducts of mining other metals. This means you cannot simply go out and produce more of them, as production of the base metal must increase measurably first.

These metals are extremely safe, too. Holding Rare Strategic Metals keeps your money outside the fiat system, and you will sleep soundly knowing you own intrinsically-valuable hard assets. The vault itself is administered by Swiss customs officials, separate from the Swiss government and inside a tax-free, VAT-free, duty-free zone you are able to visit at any time.

While Rare Strategic Metals are a defensive position, they have incredible upside potential. When holding physical metals, beating inflation (officially at 2% per year) is goal: if you do this, you're already better off than with paper currency. The "icing on the cake" is additional appreciation beyond that 2%. Take hafnium, for example. Within the first 10 months of 2015, hafnium prices exploded by 60%, and analysts project prices couple reach two to three times current levels in the coming years.

What drives price increases in these metals?

Many factors are at play in this market. Private industry consumption makes the Rare Strategic Metals market function on strict supply and demand fundamentals. However, governments are also aware of the critical need for these metals in the future, and are stockpiling accordingly.

At current levels, production is meeting demand in many of these metals, with perhaps a small surplus year over year. What happens when vast swaths of new consumers enter the marketplace, and want to consume all the goods and services normal to us? Companies must produce more than their current amounts of products to meet demand, or raise prices on a finite number of units. A price increase in one component of a product, however, does not deter consumers from buying. Take for example a normal good quality laptop or flat screen TV, priced today at $800. If the indium or gallium in these products increases in price by 30%, this may only result in a $50 increase in the price of the product overall. It probably would not stop consumers from buying it, or they would consider a cheaper option... which still requires the same metals! But, as owners of those metals, you have done quite well!

Are there additional charges outside of the cost of the metal?

We apply a 5% surcharge to cover operational costs and commissions on orders. The storage depot in Zurich charges 1.25% per year in storage fees, based on the initial purchase price of the metal. The storage fee covers the value of the metal and at least 100% insurance. ASI collects five years’ worth of storage upfront.

If you sell the metals before five years, unused storage fees are returned with the liquidation proceeds on a pro-rated basis. ASI does not charge a surcharge on liquidations in this program.

What are the prices of the metals? Why do I find different prices online?

Please contact us at 800-831-0007 for pricing on these Rare Strategic Metals.

Many places online list prices of various metals, but it may be impossible to know what this price encompasses. Do you still have to worry about assaying the purity? Exporting or importing the metals? Packaging against oxidation? Once you take delivery, how do you sell your holdings later?

The prices we quote all all-inclusive and provide you with a turnkey solution when buying and selling!

Can I visit the storage warehouse? Why wouldn’t I simply take delivery outright?

Yes, you can visit in Zurich at any time, provided you give 24 hours’ notice. Simply call us and schedule your visit. You will need a valid passport and your original deed of ownership.

Since this is a Customs facility, you will be accompanied by up to three authorized personnel, who will take you to your specific metals.

As these are your assets outright, you are free to leave with them or take delivery upfront. There are compelling reasons why storage is the best place for them, and this mostly concerns resale.

Upon entry into the customs facility, your metals have evidence of the complete chain of custody, including assay figures and shipping manifests. Down the line, when a shortage requires a manufacturer or producer of products to look elsewhere for a supply of these metals, Swiss Customs can provide all of these details and ensure a smooth, hassle-free purchase. However, if you take delivery, assay, shipping, and investigation costs may fall on you. Additionally, companies do not buy individual kilos of these metals, but large, regular traunches.

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