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Featured Ancient Coins

We only bring you the best ancient coins we feel will put you in the best position to succeed with your portfolio. Check back soon for new featured coins! For information on other coins, or our Rare Coin Program, please call 1-800-831-0007.

The Twelve Caesars Gold Collection

12 Caesars Gold Collection

2,000 years of rarity and history

Just think of all the ways in this current election year the candidates have had a way of getting their message to you - the internet and social media, television, radio, print media, and just plain old word of mouth. Whether you have found a candidate you like or not, there are a multitude of ways you can learn about their message, and their campaigns target you. In ancient Rome, coinage was the primary method of establishing rule, disseminating propaganda, and paying respects to previous leaders.

In all great civilizations, ideas are born from strife and heartache. In ancient Rome, rivaling philosophies led to civil wars, political and military conquests, and assassinations that resulted in one of the greatest empires the world has ever seen.

Famed Roman citizen and historian Seutonius’s book, De Vita Caesarium, or The Twelve Caesars, chronicles the biographies of the Roman Empire’s first twelve rulers, forever capturing the lives of the founding men who began an empire that reigned over a golden age of human civilization.

From narcissistic to sadistic, from humble to kind, their legacies live on today. Now there is an opportunity to own tangible artifacts direct from their golden age. Much of what we know about our world and its origins is due to coinage, and there is truly no better way to begin your collection than with a coin from the Twelve Caesars.

About the Twelve Caesars Collection

We have put together a rare opportunity for you to acquire an NGC-graded Twelve Caesars gold aureus. All coins were struck under the first twelve rulers of the Roman Empire, beginning with none other than Julius Caesar.
Minted between the 1st century BC and the 4th century AD, the gold aureus coin was the economic standard of the time. Composed of nearly pure gold, the aureus was struck bearing the busts of emperors whose political and military might are legendary - overseeing the collapse of the Roman Republic, enduring civil war, and leading military conquests that would define the Mediterranean world and ultimately all of Western Civilization.

A Twelve Caesars gold aureus is among the most coveted and desirable coins in all of numismatics; many people continue on to assemble an entire twelve-piece set as the coins become available. Not only can you hold over 2,000 years of history and art in your hands, but these coins are all extremely scarce and keep increasing in value. We see phenomenal long-term growth potential with each of these coins as U.S. collectors are flocking to ancients and battling it out over the very short supply.

How to know you are buying the right graded ancient coin:

The most important factors influencing a graded ancient coin’s value are: overall grade, strike grade, and surface grade. The reality is, many of these coins in lower grade are extremely common, and many of them have been reduced to jewelry over the years. These coins might have a great overall grade, like Very Fine, or Extra Fine, but they are forever damned in the collector world with an NGC label that reads ‘ex-jewelry.’ You might also find ‘edge marks’ or ‘edge filing’ notated on an NGC label denoting past efforts to remove the damaging effects of a jewelry bezel. Other problem notations from NGC would be ‘smoothing,’ ‘tooling,’ or ‘repaired,’ denoting past efforts to make a coin better than it actually is.

Our ancient coin specialist has hand-selected an impressive group of problem-free pieces for you, exactly the caliber that command the highest prices and have seen excellent growth and demand in domestic and international markets.

Price Performance

12 Caesars Price Performance 

*Many coins in this study were raw, not graded, since certification had not existed until 2008 with NGC. Many coins compiled are from European auction results. The European community still does not send their coins in for certification.

The Offer

Our ancient coin specialists have assembled an excellent group of Twelve Caesars gold Aurei, representing in total six of the twelve rulers:

  • Julius Caesar – last ruler of the Roman Republic.
  • Tiberius – emperor during the time of Christ.
  • Nero – the nasty, who was purported to have burned Rome to the ground.
  • Vespasian – ended the Civil War.
  • Titus – completed construction of the Colosseum.
  • Domitian – the last of the Twelve Caesars.

All of these coins have excellent eye appeal and expected strike and surface quality for the grade. Most importantly, they are attainable below auction prices, at surprisingly low entry levels.

Julius Caesar Gold Aureus

Julius Caesar Gold Aureus, NGC Extra Fine, Strike: 5/5, Surface: 4/5 - $9,650**

Nero Gold Aureus

Nero Gold Aureus, NGC Very Fine, Strike: 5/5, Surface: 3/5 - $6,850**

Tiberius Gold Aureus

Tiberius Gold Aureus, NGC Choice Very Fine, Strike: 5/5, Surface: 4/5 - $7,750**

Tiberius Gold Aureus

Tiberius Gold Aureus, NGC About Uncirculated*, Strike: 5/5, Surface: 4/5 - $12,500**

Vespasian Gold Aureus

Vespasian Gold Aureus, NGC Very Fine, Strike: 5/5, Surface: 4/5 - $6,850**

Titus Gold Aureus

Titus Gold Aureus, NGC Fine, Strike: 4/5, Surface: 3/5 - $4,650**

Titus Gold Aureus

Titus Gold Aureus, NGC Very Fine, Strike: 5/5, Surface: 5/5 - $6,850**

Domitian Gold Aureus

Domitian Gold Aureus, NGC Choice Extra Fine, Strike: 5/5, Surface: 5/5 - $12,250**

We believe that every rare coin portfolio should contain a rare ancient gold aureus from the Twelve Caesars collection. Call us at 800-831-0007 or send us an email to take advantage of this special opportunity or to learn more about a division of numismatics with tremendous value and historical appeal.

**Prices are subject to change based upon product availability and due to market fluctuation.

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