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Asset Strategies International is an industry leading full service tangible asset dealer specializing in precious metals, foreign currency and rare tangible assets.

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Precious Metals Storage

Storing your precious metals in storage facilities may actually be preferred when you acquire a significant amount of precious metals. You will need extra space, security and insurance which can all be found in ASI's multiple referral facilities. Some clients may also prefer offshore storage in order to diversify their assets across borders along with the added layer of privacy and potential tax-free benefits.

ASI's trusted referral facilities have met or exceeded the most stringent security requirements in the world. Multiple domestic and offshore storage solutions are available for you to choose from to best ensure your storage needs are met. We offer domestic storage within the United States, and offshore storage in Toronto, Cayman Islands, Lichtenstein and New Zealand.

Continue reading to learn more about opening an account with ASI or give us a call at 800-831-0007 to speak with an ASI representative who can assist you with your precious metals storage needs.


Although storing precious metals at home provides instant access, securing large quantities of precious metals in storage facilities frees up space and reduces risk of theft and loss from your home.


Security matters when you invest in precious metals to protect and grow your wealth. Storage facilities built specifically for precious metals ensure investments are protected and secured with high-security systems and advanced technology.


Self-insuring large amounts of precious metals can be costly. Storage facilities can offer you insurance coverage to ensure your investments are fully insured and protected – even upon transport.

Storage Locations

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Storage FAQ

What are the advantages of storing with ASI’s referral facilities?

At ASI we are your storage advocates and make sure that every one of our referral facilities offer:
  • Low storage fees
  • Non-bank, private facilities not subject to any bank failures
  • Yearly audits of your holdings by an objective third party company
  • Fully insured at all times against loss 100% segregated and allocated holdings in your name alone, physically separate from the holdings of others

Why is it important for me to have an independently titled account?

Storage facilities may title accounts in the business name of your precious metals supplier instead of your name. If your supplier encounters creditor problems, your holdings may be at risk. ASI provides client services to fulfill all necessary paperwork to ensure that the account is in your name and that you possess full ownership of your precious metals in storage.

How do I know my precious metals are in the vault?

A third party company performs a yearly audit of your precious metals in holding to ensure there is a congruous amount of precious metals in the vault.

Who do I contact if I want to sell my precious metals?

For any inquiries related to buying or selling precious metals, speak to an ASI representative at 1-800-831-0007.

Can ASI also assist in holding precious metals in my IRA?

Yes, ASI has been assisting clients with placing precious metals into their IRAs for over 30 years. Precious metals IRA can provide you with tax-free and tax-deferred growth on your investments.
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IDS International Depository Services

International Depository Services (IDS) Delaware is located directly in the heart of America’s primary business corridor near New Castle, Delaware.

IDS of Delaware is a state-of-the-art, specialized, precious metals depository which offers secured and insured precious metals storage and distribution services to individuals and institutions within the financial and precious metal industries. They are a depository for all four precious metals and offer security-conscious clients protection of assets, as well as personal and professional information. IDS is staffed by professionals who have extensive precious metals, depository, security and banking experience.

IDS of Delaware provides their clients with a wide variety of custody account and distribution options featuring:

  • Modern, secure storage facilities, including Class III vault
  • UL-rated, multi-redundant, state-of-the-art security system
  • Insurance protection underwritten by the world’s leading specialty insurance provider
  • Custody and full-service distribution
  • Comprehensive client holdings reporting statements
  • Tailored services on request (inspections, import/export assistance, special packaging, etc.)

Call us at 800-831-0007 for more information about fees and how to set up a storage account at IDS Delaware.

IDS International Depository Services

International Depository Services (IDS) of Canada Inc. is Canada’s first full-service LBMA and IIROC-approved precious metals depository specializing in secure custodial storage and shipping for corporate entities and individual investors who are actively participating in today’s highly dynamic precious metals markets.

IDS of Canada is North America’s newest and most technologically advanced precious metals depository. Strategically located in Canada’s business capital, with headquarters in the Greater Toronto area, IDS of Canada caters to Canadian clients domestically and serves the needs of investors worldwide.

IDS of Canada offers a wide range of services including:

  • Fully segregated and allocated secure storage
  • All-risk insurance protection underwritten by the world’s leading specialty insurance provider
  • Secure, personal pick-up & drop-off areas
  • Distribution and fulfillment center for commercial accounts
  • International shipments and customs assistance
  • In-house marketplace to eliminate expensive shipping and insurance costs
  • Perpetual internal audits as well as annual external audits
  • Comprehensive client holding reporting statements
  • Tailored services on request to meet informational and operational demands

Call us at 800-831-0007 for more information about fees and how to set up a storage account at IDS Toronto.

Strategic Wealth Preservation

Strategic Wealth Preservation specializes in the secure storage and acquisition of precious metals for investors who are seeking a premier offshore storage solution located in the Western Hemisphere.

SWP is a new purpose-built precious metals storage facility located in the Cayman Islands and is considered to be one of the premier precious metals storage facilities in the world. Independently owned and privately operated, SWP is the best and closest offshore storage option for North American investors seeking to internationalize their hard assets. They are also an approved storage facility for self-directed precious metal IRAs.

SWP provides clients with fully allocated, segregated and insured secure storage of their physical gold and other precious metals. Clients retain direct and complete legal ownership of their precious metal holdings while they are in the facility.

Read More About the Cayman Islands Here

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Liemeta AG

Liemeta AG is an expert in international logistics solutions for precious metals storage. They are located in the third largest city of Lichtenstein. Many clients store their precious metals in Lichtenstein because of the VAT-free safekeeping along with the country’s stability and financial institutional excellence.

In addition to Liemeta AG’s innovative solutions for precious metal storage, they also transfer holdings with an unbroken chain of title related Brinks faculties in Zurich, Miami, New York, London, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, Panama, Caymans, and Toronto.

Liemeta AG facility provides several advantages including:

  • VAT-free safekeeping of precious metals in collective and segregated storages
  • Certified high-security vault installations with highest requirements met
  • Safe deposit boxes, individual safes, and vaults in multiple sizes
  • Bonded warehouse for large private holdings or commercial or institutional owners
  • Customized logistics solutions for transportation regardless of small or large quantities
  • Assured completion of all customs clearance and secure packing to country-specific security requirements

Call us at 800-831-0007 for more information about fees and how to set up a storage account at Liemeta AG.

New Zealand Vault

New Zealand Vault is a privately-owned company which runs safety deposit vaults located in Auckland and Wellington. They were established in 1931 and have been operating longer than any other safe deposit vault business.

Due to the increasing number of off-shore clients, New Zealand Vault has developed a simple process that allows clients living outside of New Zealand to remotely open a safety deposit box and deposit bullion without physically needing to travel. The cost of opening a safety deposit box is $395 per annum that can store a maximum of 353 ounces in each box.

New Zealand Vault provides a variety of reasons why clients choose to store with them:

  • Clients have direct ownership of their safety deposit box. This means if you hold gold bullion in an offshore safety deposit box, you are not required to complete the Statement of Specified Foreign Financial Assets or Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts.
  • Their Treasury Grade vaults have been built to the highest standards and have multi-layers of security.
  • Shipping advice and logistics solutions are provided for all your transportation, insurance, packaging and delivery needs.
  • Their facilities have been audited by Lloyds of London and are certified to provide Lloyds insurance cover.
  • New Zealand Vault was chosen exclusively by three major banks and a leading trustee company to take over their safety deposit boxes.
  • New Zealand is routinely ranked by Forbes as the #1 or #2 country for the lowest levels of corruption, investor protection, monetary freedom, and property rights.

Learn More About New Zealand Vault Here

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