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Get the most out of your IRA

IRAs are not just for stocks, bonds and real estate. Gold, silver, platinum, palladium, foreign currencies and asset management can all be utilized to make sure your IRA is helping you to obtain a diversified portfolio. For over 30 years, ASI has been assisting clients with placing alternative assets into their IRAs. You can put all of our knowledge to work for you and your IRA by simply contacting us and beginning the conversation at 1-800-831-0007.

Starting an IRA is as easy as 1... 2... 3...

Speak to an ASI Representative

Speak to a representative about your current IRA situation, such as: Current IRA Trustee(s) or Current assets held

Fund your account

If needed, create and fund your IRA account(s). ASI will be here to help assist wherever possible with this step.

Confirm your amount

Confirm with an ASI representative the exact asset and amount you would like to allocate.

Precious Metals

Few people know that they can hold physical precious metals in their IRAs. Don’t let yourself miss the opportunities available for your portfolio. While we always want you to consult with your tax advisor, we believe the tax advantages associated with IRA accounts make it one of the best vehicles to buy and sell precious metals. We can help place some of the following into your IRA:

Perth Mint Certificates Perth Mint Certificates Perth Mint Certificates Canadian Maple Leaf coins
American Eagle coins American Eagle coins American Eagle coins Bullion bars and rounds meeting IRA requirements
American Buffalo coins America the Beautiful series 5 oz. coins Australian Koala coins  
Australian Kangaroos and Lunar series coins Australian Kookaburra coins Canadian Maple Leaf coins  
Austrian Philharmonic coins Austrian Philharmonic coins Bullion bars and rounds meeting IRA requirements  
Canadian Maple Leaf coins Canadian Maple Leaf coins    
Chinese Panda coins Chinese Panda coins    
Bullion bars and rounds meeting IRA requirements Mexican Libertad coins    
  Bullion bars and rounds meeting IRA requirements    

ASI Precious Metals Direct

If you like the idea of using precious metals for your IRA, but want the ease and convenience of doing it yourself, our online platform, ASI Precious Metals Direct (ASIPMD), is for you. Many people think our online option is just for regular funds, but we have made it easy to use your IRA funds as well. Visit ASIPMDirect and find out just how easy it is.

Perth Mint Certificates

Using your IRA to hold Perth Mint certificates for gold, silver and platinum is an option ASI can assist you with. Your certificates are 100% backed by physical metal and will also be held outside the U.S. in Perth, Australia at the Perth Mint. This is the only precious metals storage program in the world that is guaranteed by a government body (Government of Western Australia) and is fully insured. Contact us today to find out more about holding Perth Mint Certificates in your IRA, as well as outside of your IRA. Click here for more information about the Perth Mint Certificate Program.

Foreign and Domestic Asset Management

Did you know the funds in your IRA can be managed by an asset manager that holds both domestic and foreign assets? We have worked with asset managers for decades to assist with allocating IRA funds and helping decide if it is right for you. Having foreign assets in your IRA could be the boost your portfolio needs. (A qualifying amount will be needed).

Foreign Currency

Most U.S. banks only offer U.S. dollar denominated accounts but this is not so for foreign banks. The rest of the world takes having a bank with multiple currency accounts for granted. Let us help open this world to you and your IRA. (A qualifying amount will be needed).


We work with a variety of IRA Trustees and each year we may add and develop working relationships with others. While we cannot list them all, here are some of the IRA Trustees we work with most.

GoldStar Trust Company

Perth Mint Certificates
Physical Precious Metals
Foreign Currency
Asset Management

Kingdom Trust Company

Perth Mint Certificates
Physical Precious Metals

Equity Institutional

Perth Mint Certificates
Physical Precious Metals

Millennium Trust Company

Perth Mint Certificates
Physical Precious Metals

Check them all out and see what fits best for you! If you don’t see your current IRA Trustee listed above, just let us know and we will see what options are available to you.

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