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One of the Best Wealth Insurance Programs

By Ryan Kirsch

If you are searching for one of the best ways to buy gold, silver, and/or platinum to hold for the medium to long-term, your search has ended!

ASI offers myriad ways to own precious metals, but our clients have made the Perth Mint Certificate Program (PMCP) one of our best sellers continuously since 1996!

Michael Checkan and my late father, Glen O. Kirsch, the founders of ASI, created the program in 1996, together with the Perth Mint, owned by the government of Western Australia. From its inception, the Perth Mint Certificate Program was designed with long-term wealth insurance in mind.

Gold You Can Fold

Your gold, silver or platinum is evidenced by a completely portable certificate. It is negotiable through ASI – wherever you plan to travel, live, do business, bank or invest.

Imagine the purchasing power you will have secured by making the simple switch to precious metals in the form of a Perth Mint Certificate as the U.S. dollar loses another 96% of its value over the next century… as it did this past century. What could you do with that formidable buying power? The possibilities are endless.

Imagine the security you have in leaving a legacy denominated beyond the uncertainties of U.S. monetary policies or the mad volatility of the stock market. What could your heirs do with that formidable buying power? Again, limitless possibilities come to mind.

Now, imagine all this is handled through the private ownership of gold, silver and platinum represented by a certificate that is 100% portable in a wallet… while the bullion gold, silver and platinum is 100% backed, stored safely and securely inside Perth Mint’s vaults.

Before I detail its outstanding features, it’s important to understand the meaning and the power of wealth insurance - and why you need to protect yourself.

Like any insurance, wealth insurance is only useful if it is capable of answering your needs, completely, at the very moment they arise. By definition, wealth insurance is…

  • a store of value,
  • in a liquid form,
  • for a potential financial emergency you hope you never have.

If you have that emergency, do not hesitate. Sell your precious metals. Meet the financial crisis. And, after things return to normal, work to build back your wealth insurance allocation.

If you never have such an emergency, that’s even better. Pass your wealth insurance policy on to your heirs to give them a start in life.

Do you need wealth insurance?

I cannot conceive a situation where the answer to that question is anything other than a resounding “Yes.”

After all, those who fail to plan, plan to fail. We have all seen firsthand or have all at least heard of folks devastated by an unforeseen financial crisis… especially of late. Pinning your future to the hope a financial catastrophe will not strike is no plan at all.

In today's economic climate, we are experiencing the devaluation of our dollar and have long understood how inflation painfully eats into our buying power.

What is emerging, but still under the radar, are the effects on our wealth due to FATCA, Quantitative Easing and worldwide addiction to debt – whether it be personal, corporate or sovereign.

Precious metals, primarily gold, but also silver and platinum, traditionally rise with inflation. Precious metals also offer you an alternative currency to the debased and underperforming dollar against many other currencies. To minimize the risk of today’s threats to your hard-earned wealth, Perth Mint Certificates offer the protection afforded through currency, jurisdictional and asset class diversification.

This is the true essence of the ASI metaphor of the three-legged stool; keep your money spread across currencies, across countries, and across assets if you want to Keep What’s Yours… AND… Perth Mint Certificates accomplish all three in one simple step!

No matter how many times I see it, I am always amazed when I view the following graphic, which tracks the buying power of the U.S. dollar for our day-to-day needs - like bread and clothes.

 USD Purchasing Power 1900-2005

Purchasing Power of the U.S. Dollar During 1900-2005

As for inflation protection, take a look at how gold works as wealth insurance to protect your portfolio against the falling dollar.

Gold as Wealth Insurance Against USD


These are the considerations that came to mind when Michael Checkan and my father, Glen O. Kirsch, began to craft the PMCP - this long-term gold holding program.

An essential criterion for any offshore program is the safety of its storage venue.

Australia boasts a growing trade surplus in the next 10 years due to its proximity and secure trade relationships with Asian countries, particularly China. It has solid agreements for the exportation of natural resources, including precious metals, to India and China, its closest trading partners. Australia has the potential for decades of trade surplus. And, Australia has been a bastion of political and economic stability.

All this makes Australia a very secure location for your long-term metals holdings. Moreover, your metals are held in the actual Perth Mint and backed by the government of Western Australia.

  • 100% physically backed at all times
  • Never used as backing for derivatives
  • Never leased to third parties
  • Always 100% insured at current market value

Whether you select allocated or unallocated holdings, this is how your precious metals are protected – leaving you with absolute peace of mind.

Aside from safety in an international venue, another feature of the PMCP is low premiums.

You pay 2-1/4% above spot price when you purchase a Perth Mint Certificate. If you have ever purchased precious metals, you know this is a razor-thin premium.

The program is very versatile and works for both the veteran and the new precious metals buyer.

The minimum initial purchase is $10,000 (for any combination of metals) and $5,000 thereafter. You may open a relationship in your name, in a trust, as a corporate account, in an LLC, in an IRA, in the name of an estate, as a charitable gift or in a profit-sharing plan.

When it comes to economics, there are many mysteries. But, the popularity of the PMCP is not a mystery when you review these essential features:

  • Storage offshore in the welcoming, safe, and stable country of Australia
  • Safety in a country slated for a trade surplus in the coming decades
  • 100% physically backed by the Government of Western Australia
  • Low premiums
  • Available for individual, trust, corporate, IRA, LLC and estate accounts
  • Gold You Can Fold for complete portability of your holdings as you personally travel or live anywhere in the world

ASI Preferred Client Relations representative will talk you through which metal and in which form you want to own, whether you want allocated or unallocated metals and which type of account is best for you. We can facilitate multicurrency transactions as well.

With so many financial advisors and asset managers recommending 5% to 10% of your total net worth should be in precious metals for long-term wealth insurance against economic crisis, it is crystal clear to me why Perth Mint Certificates have been one of ASI’s #1 Best Sellers since 1996…FOR BOTH PERSONAL AND IRA FUNDS!

A Preferred Client Relations representative will work with you to schedule your PMCP contributions so you can realize your long-term goal of building that three-legged stool. Please call us or send us an email, to get started.

Remember… simply hoping for the best is no plan at all.

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