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Spotlight Coins

Each month, ASI’s Spotlight coin program provides in-depth information and analysis of a coin, or coin set, that we believe is of good value and will put you in a position to succeed in the future. The process of finding, selecting and obtaining coins for this program takes months of work and effort before a offer is released to you. However, we will only have a limited number of coins or sets, available. If something is truly a ‘deal,’ then it cannot be open-ended. While every coin is not for every person, we will only Spotlight coins that meet our specific criteria and are priced correctly. We want you to buy the “Right Coin at the Right Price” for your portfolio. The right coin for you serves your goals and needs.

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July Spotlight Coin

brian zweigMake a Splash With Complete $10 Mintmark Sets

By Brian Zweig

The $10 Eagle was both one of America’s first and last circulating gold coins. This denomination was first introduced in 1795 alongside the $5 Half Eagle; at the time it had the highest face value of any U.S. coin. Thanks to its popularity both in America and abroad, the coin remained in production until 1933. It was ultimately discontinued due to Franklin Roosevelt’s order to suspend private ownership of gold.

During the $10 Eagle’s remarkable run, it was produced at five different U.S. Mints: Carson City, Denver, New Orleans, Philadelphia, and San Francisco. This is a testament to the coin’s popularity and important role in American commerce. Not only was it used to settle large transactions, but banks liked to hold $10 Eagles in their gold reserves.


$10 Eagle AU50

Today, we’re excited to offer complete mintmark sets of $10 Liberty Eagles in About Uncirculated condition. That is, each “mini-collection” contains one specimen from every U.S. Mint facility that produced $10 Eagles. Each coin is certified AU50 by PCGS or NGC, which means they show only minor signs of circulation and problem-free surfaces.

These five-coin Liberty $10 mintmark sets are a true challenge to assemble – and for good reason:

  • With only two dates in the entire series, Denver $10 “Libs” are infrequently seen in the marketplace. The Denver Mint commenced operations in 1906; by this time the Liberty $10 Eagle had almost finished its production run. The Denver facility made a modest quantity of $10 gold pieces in 1906 and a similar number in 1907.
  • New Orleans gold coinage is quite scarce and especially so in higher grades. Many “O-Mint” $10 Liberties are major rarities, with some dates fetching in the tens of thousands. Thankfully for collectors, a handful of dates are relatively affordable (but still quite hard to find) in About Uncirculated condition.
  • Of the five mints, Carson City $10 Eagles are by far the rarest. The overwhelming majority of CC gold coins entered circulation; as such they were likely to be heavily worn and/or destroyed. Whereas many Philadelphia and San Francisco issues were squirreled away in bank vaults, Carson City coins saw tremendous everyday use.

Simply put, specimens from three of the five mints are “show-stoppers” for collectors. While Philadelphia and San Francisco issues are regularly seen on the market, the other three mints are in extremely short supply. This is especially true for Carson City $10 Eagles – and a major reason why we’ve never offered these for sale!

Today's Offer
In total, we’ve assembled just eleven of these complete $10 Liberty mintmark sets. It’s a major feat to build just one of these sets, let alone over a dozen! Not only did we put together a remarkable quantity of these mini-collections, but we did so at an exceptionally reasonable rate.


$10 Eagle AU50

Your cost per Five-Coin $10 Liberty Eagle Mintmark Set in AU50 is $6,799.*

Please keep in mind that the Carson City, New Orleans, and Denver issues are many times rarer than “generic” coins. In particular, it’s not unusual to pay 5 times the common price for a CC $10 Liberty.

If you’re looking to add these unique sets to your collection, we encourage you to act quickly. This is one of the most unique offerings we’ve showcased in years – and contains an item we’ve never handled in the history of the spotlight program. Don’t miss this opportunity to own a complete mintmark set of $10 Liberties (including the ultra-rare Carson City) at a surprisingly affordable rate.

Take advantage of this special offer by calling us at 800-831-0007, or by email at infoasi@assetstrategies.com.

*Prices subject to change based on market fluctuation and product availability. Prices reflected are for cash, check, or bank wire. Free shipping, handling, and insurance are available for all quantities ordered. Offer expires Friday, July 10, 2020, or while supplies last.


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