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MS64 $20 Saint-Gaudens 'Double Eagle'

Right now, this may be the Right Coin at the Right Price for your portfolio. Take advantage of our current offer – more than (12%+) less than NGC price guides.

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MS64 $20 Saint-Gaudens ‘Double Eagle’

MS64 $20 Saint-Gaudens ‘Double Eagle’

How To Order

Contact an ASI Preferred Client Relations representative:

800-831-0007 (toll free) or 301-881-8600

The Saint-Gaudens coin and design, in and of itself, is one of the great treasures of American history. Right now, the MS64 is also a tremendous value.

In addition to being offered at $300 less than current price guide prices, the MS64 grade is of particular value for how it compares to other grades.

Our late co-founder of ASI, Glen O. Kirsch, always said to buy the highest grade before the price jumps significantly. Right now, the MS64 $20 Saint-Gaudens fits the bill.

The MS64 does not cost much more than lower graded Saint-Gaudens coins. In fact, if you look at common dates in two grades lower (MS62), the MS64 is about 7% more. In contrast, just one grade higher (MS65), means an increase in the price of over 30%. Glen would approve.

One of America’s most renowned sculptors, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, at the personal request of President Theodore Roosevelt, designed the coin that bears his name. Many consider this $20 gold piece, which is a redesign of the ‘Liberty’ double eagle minted from 1849-1907, to be the most spectacular of all U.S. coins.

Both Saint-Gaudens and President Roosevelt believed this dazzling American coin was a powerful representation of a nation growing into its power and importance.

This masterpiece was minted between 1907 and 1933. It is ironic that another Roosevelt, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, ended the minting of these coins in 1933 when he outlawed the ownership of gold in America.

MS64 $20 Saint-Gaudens NGC Price Guide

These coins are the largest of all regular U.S. issues authorized by the Coinage Act of March 3, 1849. At a weight of 33.346 grams and a purity of .900, this means you are holding .96750 ounces of pure gold in your hand.

This coin has three basic designs which were minted starting in 1908:

  1. High-Relief with Roman Numerals,
  2. 1907 and 1908 Arabic Numerals with No Motto, and,
  3. with the Motto 'In God We Trust.'

As you can see on the chart to the right, the current NGC price guide for the most common date MS64 Saint-Gaudens is currently at $1,950… making our delivered price a real bargain.

Take advantage of this Great Coin at a Great Price. Each MS64 $20 Saint-Gaudens ‘Double Eagle’ gold coin will be certified by either NGC or PCGS.

MS64 $20 Saint-Gaudens ‘Double Eagle’ - Please call for pricing
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