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Better Date MS64 $20 Saints

Saint Gaudens Feature F

MS64 $20 Saint-Gaudens

In recent months, the MS64 $20 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle has emerged as an outstanding value. While we’ve always held the $20 ‘Saint’ in high regard, the coin is currently trading at an exceptionally low premium compared to spot. Unlike bullion items like gold Eagles and Maples, vintage United States gold coins have a finite supply. Therefore, their values fluctuate not only with the price of gold, but also as numismatic demand ebbs and flows. When demand is quiet, these coins can be picked up by savvy investors relatively close to the spot price of gold. However, when pre-1933 U.S. gold coinage heats up, supply almost never satisfies demand. Premiums can (and often do) spike dramatically.

How big are these swings exactly? Examining the price history of MS64 $20 Saints in 2008-2010 provides interesting insight:

  • In early 2008, gold spot price was hovering in the mid-$800s. MS64 $20 Saints were trading wholesale in the $1,300s.
  • A year later, in early 2009, gold was still in the mid-$800s. However, MS64 Saints had climbed to $1,600-$1,700.
  • By early 2010, gold has risen by around $300/oz to $1,150 or so. Meanwhile, MS64 Saints tacked on another $500 in value and were trading for $2,100-$2,200.
  • In 2012, with gold hovering in the $1600s, MS64 Saints were fetching $2,400-$2,500 per coin. This means they were selling for $800-$900 per coin over spot.
  • Today, with gold in the mid-$1,200s, MS64 $20 Saints can be had for the bargain level of $1550-$1600 per coin. This represents just a $300/coin premium over spot. The last time MS64 Saints were so reasonably priced, it was 2008 and gold was under $900/oz!

At these low premiums, the case for MS64 $20 Saints is as compelling as ever. The spread between market value and melt value is the lowest we’ve seen since 2008. However, we’ve identified an even more powerful way to own MS64 $20 Saints: buying undervalued dates.

Our numismatic research has revealed that a half dozen dates are considerably rarer than the most common date, yet sell for just 10% more. These dates aren’t just a little tougher to find or slightly scarcer than the “generic” dates; they’re in a completely different rarity class. In more specific terms:

  • The most common $20 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle is the 1924 Philadelphia.
  • NGC has graded a total of 102,793 - 1924 $20 Saints at the MS64 grade level.
  • The 1911-D, 1914-D, 1914-S, 1915-S, 1922 and 1923 issues have MS64 populations of just 1,900-8,500 coins. In other words, they are all 12x to 54x rarer than the most common date in MS64.
  • Despite being dozens of times rarer than the 1924, these dates are inexplicably valued at just 10% more than the most common date.
   Date      MS64 Population   X Rarer  
1924 102,793  
1911-D 3,540 29.04
1914-D 1,913 53.73 
1914-S 5,836 17.61 
1915-S 5,521 18.62 
1922 8,424 12.20 
1923 2,787 36.88 

Simply put, these dates represent the most advantageous way to own MS64 $20 Saints. These rare issues offer you three ways to win:

  1. A rise in the price of gold - When gold runs upward, vintage U.S. gold coins appreciate commensurately. In fact, they often amplify the appreciation, which leads us to the next point.
  2. Numismatic premium expansion - Sometimes pre-1933 U.S. gold premiums fluctuate independently of the spot price. On numerous occasions, even when spot has remained flat, vintage U.S. gold coins have advanced in value thanks to increased demand. In addition, when gold experiences a dramatic run, vintage gold coins can amplify the run-up in price. An example is the gold spike from 2009 to 2010; during that time gold spot price increased by $300 but MS64 $20 Saints jumped by $500,
  3. Increased interest in collecting $20 Saints by date - This phenomenon would have a powerful positive effect on these rarer dates, as collectors would quickly discover how rare they are. With so few pieces available on the market, renewed interest in the $20 Saint Gaudens series would have a tremendous effect on these tougher to acquire issues.

The only downside to these half dozen underappreciated dates: there aren’t enough of them to go around. We wish we could round up hundreds of these coins, but they’re not easy to find. Our sources were able to locate a total of 51 pieces dated 1911-D, 1914-D, 1914-S, 1915-S, 1922 and 1923.

We strongly recommend investors to buy these in three-coin mintmark sets: one coin struck in Philadelphia, one coin struck in Denver, and one piece issued in San Francisco. We firmly believe sets always carry more value than random coins—and you have the opportunity to assemble an instant mintmark sets of $20 Saints. These Saint Gaudens Double Eagles were only struck at three different mints; with these sets you can buy one representative from each mint.

To recap, any MS64 $20 Saint is a fantastic bargain at today’s ultra-low premiums. These beloved vintage U.S. gold coins are trading for a slim premium over the spot price of gold—a level we have not seen in over five years. The opportunity is bolstered further by acquiring rare dates for a tiny amount over the generic price. The net result is an opportunity with three ways to win. Owners of these rare-date MS64 $20 Saints can profit from an increase in spot, an increase in premiums, and increased attention to dates. Any one of these factors could result in a powerful jump in value.

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